2019 GOALS

New year, new…?

Hello there stranger, welcome back to the blog! So 2019 is well underway and although my intentions of keeping my running streak of 1 blog post per month going from 2018 were strong, I’ve actually been busier than ever on some incredible projects, which has left me a little slack on the writing front! But hey, who’s keeping track, right?!


To kick off the new year, albeit a month late this year, I always like to set myself a set of goals (targets, aims, challenges… whatever you want to call them) to recap on, come December as well as to see what’s changed for me in the space of 12 months. 2018 proved to be an amazing year both personally and professionally: I launched my new re-branded website, I worked freelance whilst travelling around Europe for 6 months; I met some of my long-term clients for the very first time, in person; I collaborated with them on some of their own personal / business projects (stay tuned this year to find out what that means) and I generally, far surpassed my own expectations on what was possible to achieve within my first year of full-time self employment (aka freelance graphic design). A big thank you actually goes out to my clients, without whom I wouldn’t have had that realisation.


Looking back at my results from 2018 (copied in below 2019’s list, if you’re interested) and considering the projects I’ve worked on so far in January 2019, I am super excited and eager to find out what 2019 will bring. So without further ado let’s jump in and see what’s on my mind for 2019?




Aims, goals, targets, challenges…

  1. Travel and work from at least 6 new cities / locations this year (and write about it) – ambitious!
  2. Develop my own marketing and offering to include a “startup” package for new businesses
  3. Extend my client base by a further 8 people, whilst maintaining great working relationships with my returning clients (P.S. love you guys) 😀
  4. Continue to write for my blog – 1 post per month (inclusive of travel blogs mentioned above)
  5. Collaborate with a person / organisation on a side-project outside of work (creative or otherwise)
  6. Push my own limits on design, creativity and knowledge, however that presents itself




As always my lists are always kept fairly conservative, however I always like to leave room for spontaneity and the unexpected. And if you’re interested in finding out more about my goals for 2018 (that I wrote in January last year) along with my results, read on…




2018 Goals & Results
  1. Launch my new website (Jan/Feb)
    RESULT: Close! It launched in April!
  2. Extend my client base by at least 6 more people
    RESULT: WOW! Smashed it with 13! 😀 (Thanks everyone!)
  3. Extend my client base overseas
    RESULT: Done! Ireland counts – they have the Euro 😉
  4. Begin a blog for my website (1 post per month)
    RESULT: Since the month of launch, complete!
  5. Develop and utilise my hand-drawn typography skills into new projects
    RESULT: Incomplete, BUT I did create some awesome hand-illustrated postcards instead 😉
  6. Create a new personal love/passion project, in whatever form or medium it develops into
    RESULT: I’m not sure how to define this one (I’m not sure what I had in mind in the first place) so I’ll have to say incomplete? Although I did try out some new hobbies and crafts, they have all been a recent effort and so I’ll keep this in mind for next year!


**UPDATE** I have since started taking Salsa, Bachata and Kizomba dance classes and I am obsessed. Move over Darcy Bussell – there’s a new dance queen in town!




That’s all for this post, folks. Thanks for dropping by, and once again – welcome back 😉

Until next month…


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