Illustration is a part of everything I do; whether it be developing a logo design or planning a brochure or website layout, everything starts as a sketch.

So what happens when you dare to take that sketch further? What kind of a difference can bespoke illustration or graphics really make to your marketing? The answer: A BIG difference.

For example, whilst your competitors may have developed a clean, minimalistic approach to their branding, I could help yours stand out with beautiful, hand drawn typography. When stock photography and clip art just don’t tell the right story, working with me to develop a bespoke infographic or icon set could really help it flourish.

Versatile across many applications and tailored specifically to your needs, adding an illustrative element to your marketing mix could be the next best thing for your branding.

Perfect for:
Logo design, creative presentations, infographics, website design, social media marketing and much, much more…

Want to get creative? Let’s talk!

Featured Project: Logofolio


View a selection of my logo projects which all utilise illustration! For example, Peter Turner – combining his initials P & T along with an abstract illustration of a rose (a traditional symbol of love) the aim was to give the final piece a delicate and romantic appearance.


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