Logo Design & Branding

Your logo design is the visual foundation of your brand image; rush the execution and your foundations are likely to crumble but invest in the right materials from the start and your logo will undoubtedly withstand the test of time.

So why develop a custom logo? Why is it so important? Every business has one, but not every business understands the power or potential they hold.

Think of it like this, your logo design is the basis of your brand image; in a wider context your brand image is a set of values, a reputation or an experience and by taking the time to understand what really makes your business tick is how I can guarantee you a highly tailored, one-of-a-kind logo design to fit your industry or target market.

With brand recognition and customer relatability now playing a key role in the success of marketing, creating a custom logo design and wider brand experience that resonates with your customers will make all the difference as to whether your efforts are a hit or miss.

Perfect for:
Start-up companies looking to make a great first impression, individuals and sole-traders, existing businesses looking to reinvest, reposition or take their company image to the next level and much, much more…

Want to create a memorable first impression? Let’s talk!

Featured Project: Bartek Dabrowski


Bartek Dąbrowski is a powerhouse of music; classically trained on the guitar his finger-picking rhythms and melodies leave many a crowd wide-eyed in amazement. His logo design and brand roll-out needed to be equally as powerful!


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