Simply said, I design things!

Hey, I’m Emily – a friendly freelance graphic designer, powered by copious amounts of tea and fuelled by a plant obsession that rivals the Amazon rainforest.

For over a decade, I’ve been the secret sauce behind many small businesses, global brands, and design agencies across the UK, all while straddling the creative vibes between Cardiff and Bristol. 


I’m all about versatility, but let’s be real, I’ve got a soft spot (okay, it’s more like a full-blown love affair) for crafting clean, minimalist designs that shout simplicity but pack a significant punch in communication and visual hierarchy.



Consider me the curious type. I’ve got a knack for diving deep into the “whys” of a project or business to understand the essence of what we’re creating together. It’s not just a question; it’s the guiding star for our collaboration.



I take the whole ‘personable and honest’ thing seriously – no BS. I love untangling the design process, making it a breeze for you, and ensuring your project not only succeeds but stands out in your market.


My diverse experience has shaped a flexible work style. I’m all for mixing up the way we work, think, and communicate to match your style or industry; building robust, trusting, and downright fun, collaborative relationships along the way.

Emily Merchant Freelance Graphic Design Cardiff Bristol

Design Support for Agencies and Marketing Teams

Are you leading a design agency or marketing team? Juggling tons of projects and thinking, “Hey, I could really use some creative backup”?

I can be your flexible and efficient “white-label” design partner – helping you handle more projects and meet the growing demands of your clients, all without the headache of hiring more in-house staff!

Emily Merchant Freelance Graphic Design Cardiff Bristol

I’ve worked with amazing clients

Ocuco - graphic design support
Brett Landscaping - graphic design support
Celtic Collection - Freelance Graphic Designer
Cardiff University - Freelance Graphic Designer
E2TS - graphic design support
The Perfect bridal Company - Freelance Graphic Designer
Behaviour Support Hub - Freelance Graphic Designer
Hello Fresh - Freelance Graphic Designer