Agiliga MIT:

Transforming complexity into impactful branding

Agiliga MIT is a versatile software testing and quality assurance consultancy known for delivering simple solutions to complex problems, applying an agile mindset to testing methodologies. In a crowded and visually stagnant market, their goal was to establish a distinct presence while effectively communicating professionalism, flexibility, and approachability.

The Challenge

 The challenge was to capture the essence of complexity and translate it into a simple and sophisticated concept for Agiliga MIT’s branding. This would play a pivotal role in representing their evolving-test approach, innovation, and transparent client collaboration. 

The rebranding project encompassed a comprehensive package including the logo design, stationery, presentation and social media templates, brand guidelines, and a single-page website to engage prospective clients and partners. 

Agiliga MIT
Agiliga MIT
Agiliga MIT

The Outcome

The finalised logo for Agiliga is a thoughtful representation of their role in client solutions. The core shape cleverly forms the letter “A” in the negative space, emphasising Agiliga’s central significance in the realm of business solutions. A subtle gradient applied to the edges of the design conveys a sense of movement and evolution, symbolising the company’s dynamic approach to testing and innovation, and the choice of a lowercase typeface adds a touch of modernity, friendliness, and professionalism to the overall brand aesthetic.

The overarching design theme centers on progression and forward-thinking, and extending the logo’s angled shapes across various branded items ensured a consistent and cohesive look and feel.

This bold identity has successfully set Agiliga MIT apart from the outset, instilling confidence and credibility in their prospects, and immediately resulting in several promising leads.

Agiliga MIT

Working with Emily on our full brand package, including logo, website, social media templates, PowerPoint, and a flyer, was a fantastic experience. Emily’s structured processes and insightful approach to colour and image selection impressed us. She ensured our brand message was reinforced in every design element. What sets Emily apart is her forward-thinking strategy, creating designs that are not only current but also future-proofed. We are thrilled with the outcome and highly recommend Emily for logo and website design—her professionalism, creativity, and commitment to excellence shine through, making her an invaluable partner in branding.”

Janan Keddi

Marketing Director, Agiliga MIT