Driven Media

Driven Media are an advertising agency with a truly unique approach to get your marketing moving (literally) in a brand new direction.

Dedicated in providing their clients with the highest quality truck advertising campaigns on commercial lorries and trailers across the UK, I was originally hired to help Driven Media create artwork concepts for their potential and existing clients. These mockups served as a starting point in allowing the client to visualise their impact or potential on the road.

Following the success of our collaborations on the trailer artwork, I was also asked to develop a wide range of internal marketing materials for the Driven Media brand. These projects, varied in their style and purpose, include technical data sheets for the various lorry fleets they use, branded introductory documents to send to prospective clients, infographics / icons to use on social media, illustrative and quirky “mileage postcards” for their clients who run campaigns, packaging for model trucks and a whole lot more.

With no graphic guidelines in place, the internal marketing materials for Driven Media have been able to span a variety of styles, yet with use of colour, typography and the logo, retain a sense of consistency and cohesion between the items; all whilst looking pretty great at the same time.

Emily was introduced to me when DrivenMedia was in need of a few freelance designers to create digital mock-ups for our clients. Emily quickly grasped what was being asked and always delivers well thought though creatives for our client proposals. Always within 2-3 days of our request.

Thank you, Emily! Highly recommended.

Edward Hollands

Director, DrivenMedia