With an organisational and service-offering adjustment underway, I was asked by the SDSA to help with the redesign and restructure of their website.

The SDSA (School Development Support Agency) are a not-for-profit organisation that supports schools and children through a wide range of initiatives, including bespoke learning solutions for individual needs.

The main objectives of the new website design were to:

  • tie existing marketing touchpoints together to create a consistent brand appearance
  • showcase the SDSA’s brand values and core aims when working with their partners
  • provide further information on their wide range of school support projects

For the final result I drew upon the SDSA’s existing (pentagonal) brand assets, as seen in their marketing materials, to create a modernised, bold and versatile design that could be (and has been) easily adapted and made responsive for mobile and tablet applications. The template provided also allows for future website / page expansion, which can be developed as and when the organisation requires.

*Please note this project was design only. Website development was completed by another company.

Emily was professional in every aspect of her work and delivered exactly what we wanted from the brief. Communication was effective and timely. Emily listened, but most importantly, took time to understand us and our values. As a result, the website reflects us as an organisation and our positioning in the sector.

Peter Sloan