Colours of Autumn

Vilnius, Lithuania: a vibrant city with a rich mixture of architecture, arts, people and colour. The latter, I discovered last week, especially so in Autumn.


Originally from the UK, I’d argue that our annual transition from Summer to Autumn is often blurred into a somewhat soggy-bottomed period that delivers us slap-bang into the middle of Winter sooner than we’d anticipated. But here (and I know it is the same for many other countries), you actually get to experience Autumn in all it’s colourful, crispy glory. What a treat!


Having taken a week off to rest, recuperate and find some new inspiration within the current city I’m working from, I’d say I’ve come back to work with a different motivation than I had expected.


Whilst travelling I will usually make an effort to visit galleries, exhibitions, tourist spots as well as the more local “haunts”, to fill me with new ideas and perhaps ideas of how I can combine different graphic elements together (based on what I’ve seen) for when I return to work. This week however has been the first time I’ve come back to work without a “style” idea to try, but instead have been inspired by the beautiful colours and photographs I’ve taken of the Autumnal trees / plants from various locations in the area.


Take a look at some of my discoveries below, where I’ve combined photographs with some colour swatches for future use. You can even take a look on Google maps where I was when they were taken 😉

Kalnų Parkas, Vilnius

I began my day with a walk through Kalnų park, near the famous hilltop landmark, the Three Crosses. With the sun shining through the trees at midday, the colours in the leaves left a golden / burnt orange glow to the surrounding forest!


Nykštukų perėja, Vilnius

Next, we stumbled upon one of many of Vilnus’ hidden “back yards”, which are now only used for parking spaces, but which usually contain some hidden gems of foliage, trees and sometimes sculptures. This hanging plant in particular was my favourite with gorgeous pink, red and orange tones.


Park, Druskininkai

A new day brought a new town to explore (ok, so it’s an hour or so outside of Vilnius) but still it held some gorgeous transition colours – this time in hues of green!


What I love about travelling, or being a travelling designer is that my inspiration and motivation comes from everywhere – even when I least expect it. Had I gone to some alternate route or decided not to go on several walks last week, perhaps I would have missed these golden moments.


And now, thanks to a great lighting, beautiful plants and a crisp Autumn in Vilnius I have some wonderful new colour combinations to explore in my up and coming projects. I think I might have to start doing this more often! 😉


So tell me, what’s your favourite time of year? And in which city?


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