Let’s catch up!

Oh hey there friend, long time no see! Just the other day I realised it’s been a hot minute since I last wrote about what I’ve been up to, where I’ve been, what the inside scoop is on design life as I know it and so thought it best I come clean and spill the tea.


So where to begin?



Travelling has been one of my main priorities this year and I’ve been making the the most of it, as often as I possibly can! I’ve been fortunate enough to venture to the likes of Barcelona; where I worked and stayed for three weeks back in April/May, sightseeing as I went and Oslo; where I got to experience their National day – champagne breakfast for all, yo! Most locals dressed up in the traditional attire (the ladies dress, of which there are over 50 styles and designs depending on which region of Norway you’re from, is called a “Bunad”) and school children paraded the town centres with accompanying marching bands.

I also managed to take my first “proper” holiday, by which I mean a trip where I didn’t take my laptop with me and continue to work as I explored, to CUBA!


I know, I live such a hard life – does anyone have a violin?



It’s also been a busy time in the land of tech as I bit the bullet and finally upgraded my dear, beloved and trusty 8 year old MacBook Pro for a fancy new one, albeit a more annoying one with a significant lack of USB ports! Alas!

Of course, this means a huge faff in organising transfer of work, data, music, photos; installing all new apps, updating software bla bla bla, and backing everything up before moving it across to my new machine. In fact, I was so uninspired to set it up that it took me a full 2 weeks of owning the new laptop to finally start the process of moving everything over and using it. But we’re finally here, and we’re getting along great!




Work! Of course, work! To put it simply, it’s been incredible. The past couple of months have taken me to a whole new level of busy that I didn’t know could exist for me. I’ve continued to work with some of my OG clients (you know who you are, you’re all wonderful!) and I’ve been introduced to so many new and fascinating people who I am now collaborating with. I’ve even been able to start referring business and clients to others in my network, which is the best feeling!

The number one lesson I’m continuing to learn and work from though is, time management is everything! Meeting client deadlines hasn’t ever been an issue for me, however I have been known to overdo it… “burning the candle at both ends” as dear ‘ol Mamma Merch would say and putting a little too much pressure on myself at times. This did impact my health a little earlier in the year but, long story short, your girl’s back on form and is learning how to put new business practices in place to prevent it happening again.

Work and play is a continual journey, but as long as we’re learning from it and making the most of it, then I think we’re on the right track 🙂




Other than all of that (which has been a wild ride) I’ve been continuing to dance my feet off in a variety of dance classes and styles, I’ve finally sorted out and put a plan into action for my pension – you have to cover your own back when you’re a freelancer, and I’ve been enjoying my new work-home of Cardiff (Bay).


So tell me, what have you and your business been up to lately?


Until next time,


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