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Welcome, one and all to my new and improved, 100% overhauled website! Complete with ALL NEW never-before seen portfolio projects, updated content and services and super fun on-page animations to grab your attention – I hope you’ll stick around a while!


It’s officially been a week since the relaunch of the website and I’ve received some fabulous feedback from friends, clients and the general public, as well as handy suggestions on what I can do to improve certain pages. I couldn’t be happier! If you haven’t had a chance yet or simply didn’t even know about the relaunch, please do take a look around!


In celebration of such a great week I’ve decided to add something new to the website ALREADY! Any guesses? I’ll give you a hint – you’re reading it! The blog page!


Never before attempted for lack of time reasons, one of my goals for this year was to add a blog to my new website and update it with AT LEAST one post per month. Let’s see how that goes by December, eh?


So what can I tell you about the new site?

In contrast to my older website design the difference is staggering.


Previously I had opted for a darker theme with bright accent colours and to be quite honest, over-written text. My aim with the new site was to strip it back to basics, include lots of white space and write text that sounded less “corporate agency” and more like ME! After all, that’s who people will eventually be buying into (I hope)! I even gave my brand colours a refresh to brighten everything up.


I also wanted to let the work do the talking; clean minimal layouts and large and in charge images that really showcase the projects well have helped me to achieve this. With the inclusion of a few small on-page animations the site is still able to be very visually interesting, user friendly and easy to navigate.


Albeit 6-8 months overdue in it’s completion (client work always comes first and life often throws you a curveball), I am incredibly happy with the results. What’s even better is that I still have a backlog of projects to add to my portfolio, which I am SO excited to show you! It’s been a crazy few months!


I guess all that’s left for me to say at this stage is please settle in, take a look around and stay a while. And of course, if you’d like to work with me on your next design-based project – I’d LOVE to work with you.


For more information on what I can offer, don’t forget to check out the services section:

Logo Design & Branding  |  Graphic Design  |  Website Design  |  Illustration


Looking forward to working with you soon 😉



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